Tips for Choosing Necklace

Here are some of the useful tips you can use in order to choose the best necklace fit before you can decide on buying wholesale necklace for your business or for personal use.

Tip1:If you have a large breast, you can choose necklaces that are more than 22″ in length. It will be uncomfortable if you try to choose longer than this length.

Tip2:If you are flat chested, long thin chains will look nice on you.

Tip3:If you are below 5’4″ in height, collar or princess length necklaces look best. V-Shape styles or Matinee necklace length will make you look taller.

Tip4:If you are from 5’4″ – 5’7″, you can wear necklaces of any length.

Tip5:If you have full figured body, do not wear necklaces that lay on the breast line. Again, you will not make you feel good.

Tip6:If you are over 5’7″ in height, you can wear longer necklaces any length.

Tip7:If you have an oval face, you gain flexibility in choosing a necklace because an oval face shape suits any necklace lengths.

Tip8:If you have a round face, an Opera necklace length will be much better.

Tip9:Heart shaped face balances with choker necklaces because they soften and diminish the sharp angle of your chin.

Tip10:Rectangular and oblong face shapes are great for choker necklaces with higher length because they reduce the length of the face