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Reasons Why We Support the Boys and Girls Denver Charity

Philanthropy should be on the minds of everyone. The motivation should be to better the lives of others. I hear people making complaints about the use of their tax dollars to support causes they do not want to support. They see faults in social service programs. I do not look at things that way, but I can understand frustrations of some. However, if you are not happy with social programs, then do something to support a charity you can be happy with. My wife and I support a Denver charity for young boys and girls to help give them a better life.

I was talking to a friend of mine once who recounted a story of her seeing a woman in a grocery line paying with food stamps. She said the woman was dressed better than her and had better food than what she was buying. Perceptions like that, regardless of any facts, can sour people on public social services. However, what is to stop you from taking control and giving to a charity you fully believe in? I asked my friend about that, and she did not have an answer. Then, out of the blue, she comes to me and asks about the Denver charity my wife and I support.

Fun in the Island Sun

To escape the cold weather, I decided to spend my holiday vacation at a warm island. I packed my best resort wear and headed to the island resort for two weeks of rest and relaxation. I had been planning the trip since the beginning of January and saving up money for it throughout the year. It’s not easy for me to save that kind of money without having the urge to spend it. I’ve never been the kind of person who was good at saving money. In the past, every time I would put money into my savings account, it would be gone before the end of the month.

I gained quite an appetite while on the plane ride to the resort, so the first thing I did was look for something to eat after dropping my luggage off. The combination of local foods at the resort made the cuisine extra delicious. Everything tasted so fresh and tropical. I also had my share of island drinks, both with alcohol and without.